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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ok Ok's Beautiful People

Just got back from an interview with Amanda and Charlie Klein of OK OK, a contemporary art space in Ballard. I think it went really well except for the part when I fumbled for five minutes while removing the eight layers I was wearing. Amanda and Charlie are probably the perfect couple: he's sweet and mellow, she's funny and outgoing. And they're both great looking. Pretty hard to believe that they have a child; they can't be more than thirty. If they end up hiring me, I'll be working on a combination of regular gallery assistance (customer service, installation and deinstallation), writing (product descriptions for their website as well as press releases) and web design direction. Things look good for a second interview. OK OK is an awesome space and I love their current show of Tra Sehltrow's work: dreamy, surreal, technically masterful and relevent without feeling the least bit trendy.

I was in kind of a bum mood earlier, but after the long walk to the interview at Lighthouse Coffee and a thorough listening of My Bloody Valentine's Loveless, I feel a bit revived.


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