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Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Solid Friday Night

So I missed all but the last ten seconds of the Lovely Feathers' set at Bowery Ballroom last night because I couldn't decide what to wear (I had been going for sort of an post-war Italy look), but I did catch that their keyboardist was wearing silver underwear OVER a yellow unitard, thus confirming my belief that they're way, way over-the-top. everyone seemed to be having fun though. then i met up with my partner-in-crime Nate, who is easy to find since he's always the tallest person in the room, and we bumped into the ubiquitous Jay Belin after picking up some Stellas. He'd been drinking since lunch, which i can justify since his fabulous blogger's lifestyle requires alot of schmoozing, but was all good times as usual. i'm sad about not being able to go to the Loose Record BBQ today - I'm going to New Jersey for my cousin's graduation party and will be spending the afternoon spiking my little sister's soda with champagne.

Nate and I pushed our way closer to the front for Dr. Dog's set. Dr. Dog is a really happy band that writes solid songs in a feel-good, seventies-style that reminds me of Harry Nilsson. They also have this Jimmy Buffet thing going on with their oversized plastic sunglasses. I don't think that anyone in the band was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, but it would have fit. They're fun performers to watch and I understand why everyone likes them so much, but I'll admit that I started to get bored. Too sunny and radio-friendly for my taste. Ok, I'm a snob, but I can't help it. I went to high school with Dr. Dog's guitarist, Frank, and he's a super nice guy, so I'm happy about their success for his sake. They've signed to Rough Trade in the UK and we're going to see more and more of them around here.

After re-grouping with more beers it was time for the main event: The Spinto Band. Wow, they were different from what I expected. Nice and Nicely Done is a sweet, nerdy pop album of the variety that makes girls think the band is really cute. So I had envisioned something tailored to that audience: clean, crush-inspiring boys next door. turns out that they aren't just aw-cute nerdy, they really are nerds. at least two members appeared to be under eighteen, and most of the band looked like stunted orphans that noboday wanted to adopt. ok, that sounds really mean, but nate agreed. plus, one of the guitarist/vocalists makes really wierd facial expressions and sometimes sings with a frozen smile on his face. it was way creepy. CREEPY. Now, I really don't mean to sound like I'm talking trash about them. If anything, I'm more impressed with the impeccable, well-crafted pop songwriting than I was before. And creepy orphans are actually really interesting to watch. they played the favorites like "Oh Mandy" and "Brown Boxes", plus some new and equally catchy songs. the best part was the encore, when the band busted out a rap of "Where My Dogs At". At first I wasn't sure what to think, but they were really good and it wand it was hilarious - everyone had the words down perfectly and there was even some well-synchronized choreography. I'd go to see them again.

I declined more drinks and headed home since I'm lame now that I've moved to Crooklyn. But there's alot to be said for not waking up hungover in the morning. K, time to go run and then head down to nj.

"Enjoy the nice weather. Go talk to that boy or girl you like. Take them to a rock show."


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