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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Is it possible to be in love with a radio station?

Wow, i am such a fucking good Samaritan tonight. Time to hear me rant about all my pet causes. Anyway, this week is one of three times a year that my all-time favorite, gets-me-through-the-work-day, makes-me-feel-warm-and-fuzzy-inside radio station, KEXP Seattle, is hosting a pledge drive (you can listen online from anywhere in the world; only the lucky Seattlites can listen in their cars too). You'd think that I would switch to another station during the pledge drive so I'd miss out on all the extra talking and drumming up of listener support. But, I stay tuned it because I just like hearding these DJs talk. Seriously, they have the most beautiful voices. That's how much I love this station and believe in what it stands for: introducing people to new music that they would never hear elsewhere, supporting local bands and bands on independent labels, and creating a sense of community among music listeners. Tune me into KEXP, sit me down with a nice microbrew and maybe a chunk of cheddar to go with it (ok, i'm wierd, whatever) and I'm the happiest girl in the world. I already donated this year and got a rad kexp tee with a skull and dagger on it (so cute!) but if my income would allow it, I'd give them everything I had. If I did, you can too: become a member and keep this station alive and flourishing.


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