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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Love My Hometown Record Store

Don't you wish that you worked in a record store like the one John Cusack works in in High Fidelity? Especially if you got paid more than minimum wage. A place where music nerds could hang out and listen to music that their roommates might find annoying. My hometown, Haddonfield, New Jersey, has a record store called Mars Red that's damn close to the ideal. I always make a point of going whenever I'm in town, and not exclusively because I have a crush on one of the guys who works there. They have a great selection of used CDs and I always come across some eclectic finds for cheap, like the Jesus & Mary Chain's 1989 Automatic or Hot Chip's 2005 Coming on Strong, both for a mere twelve bucks.

I think it's really important that we keep these kind of individual places safe from the talons of Tower Records and the like. Next time you can't download that obscure song you're looking for, hit up somewhere local instead of ordering it online or joining the flocks at a mega music store. Even if you end up paying more for your purchase, you'll feel better about it.


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