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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Duke Spirit Tonight/Wolfmother last night

Tonight I'm off to see the Duke Spirit at mercury lounge and I'm pretty psyched about it. i first heard the Duke Spirit a year and a half ago on Indie Pop Rocks! On Soma FM (go to the Radio section of ITunes and scroll down under 'Alt/Modern Rock' and you'll see what I mean) and I a) thought they were awesome, b) didn't get why nobody else really seemed to be familiar with them and c) was frustrated that they didn't seem to have any plans for a U.S. tour at the time. Finally, their album Cuts Across The Land was released in the U.S. this winter and they've gotten loads of well-deserved attention from bloggers, a spot opening for Ted Leo, and airtime on taste-making independent radio stations like KEXP Seattle (my favorite) and WOXY. So I really am happy about their success even though I secretly will be a snob and think of them as "my" band. Tonight we'll find out how their live show is—and if KEXP dj Cheryl Waters was exaggerating when she said that they all look like models.

Wolfmother ROCKED Webster Hall last night. I was in such a good mood after their show at Bowery Ballroom in April that I didn't think they could top it, but they did. Success suits them well. Andrew Stockdale is a genuine old-fashioned rock god. The vests, the high-kicks, the skinny jeans, the hair—I love it all. the bassist/keyboardist was also in fine form: lots of punk-style jumps and tilting the keyboard until it almost toppled into the audience. All while growing a charmingly tasteless hipster mustache. i think that with their growing fame—selling out Webster Hall, landing a spot on an iPod commercial—they feel comfortable taking more rock star liberties, hence the increasing theatricality and long, trippy jams—and I'm not complaining. and did you see the drummer eating a banana in the middle of the set? i guess even rock stars can't live off of drugs, beer, and coffee all the time. cheers.


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