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Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Duke Spirit kicks ass

The Duke Spirit was amazing at Mercury Lounge tonight. I am, by definition, a head-bopper/heel-tapper music fan, and i danced. i DANCED. This band combines danceable, catchy rock with blast-away loud, wall-of-sound guitar, and the effect is intoxicating. plus vocalist Liela Moss wins the award for most charismatic frontwoman. she's sassy, smart, has great dance moves (loved the knee-kicking/hair-tossing thing) and has the pipes to pull it off. It's too bad that Snow Patrol's summer tour—for which the Duke Spirit was opening—has been canceled. Buy their CD, Cuts Across The Land and go to see them asap because before you know it they'll be headlining webster hall.

oh, and jena malone (donnie darko, the dangerous lives of altar boys, saved!) was there. the girl has impeccable taste in screenplays and music.


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