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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Beirut, not the beer game

Since I have a moderately-involved day job, I can't keep on top of new music as much as the professional music fan/blog crowd. But, I usually take note of what they're talking about and try to give it a fair, open-minded listen if the hype sounds interesting. Generally I ignore anything described as soft, quiet, or pretty, and I was afraid that Beirut (i.e. 19 year-old Zach Condon and some other musicians he's gather together) might fit into such a category. I downloaded his album Gulag Orkestar out of curiosity and haven't listened to it thoroughly yet, but Beirut actually seems pretty cool. They have a wistful, klezmer-rock thing going on; I studied in Prague in college so maybe that accounts for me digging the whole Eastern European vibe. Hype or not, Beirut is worth checking out if you like bands like DevotchKa or the fabulous Storsveit Nix Noltes. Beirut is playing a free in-store performance at Sound Fix in Billyburg on Saturday at 8pm. I'm hoping to check it out after spending the afternoon having my hair colored. it's going to be really, really dark, as long as i don't flip out and cancel the appointment. more on that later. maybe.


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